Houseboating Orientation Videos

Maximize your houseboating experience and view some of our houseboat orientation videos below before heading out to the marina. Our videos offer helpful tips for your houseboating excursion.




What to Bring

Find out what you should plan to bring with you on your houseboat trip from food to clothing to entertainment.




Starting the Engines

Operating the engines is a fairly straightforward procedure, if you follow these simple steps.




Rules of the Road

Before you get underway, know the basics as well as some important navigational tips.




Houseboat Safety

Safe boating is no accident. Find out how to best survey the area and what practices you should follow to avoid any accidents or drownings on your trip.




In Case of an Emergency

Here's a great review of what to do in case of an emergency while you are on the water.




Houseboating and the Environment

For many of us, the very best thing about houseboating is the remarkable scenery that surrounds us on Lake Mohave. We want to ensure we are protecting the environment with houseboats that are greener and safer.




Secret Fall Special

Call us today to take advantage of some amazing "Secret Fall Savings". Call 800-255-5561 to learn more.


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Secret Fall Special

If you are looking for a great special for your next houseboat trip, then our Secret Fall Special is the one for you. This call-in special gives great houseboating discounts for Early Boarding, Houseboat Fuel, or off the total Houseboat rental price. With this special savings, there's never been a better time to start your outdoor adventure with a houseboat rental from Forever Resorts.



Call us today  at (800) 255-5561 to find out what your custom savings can be!

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Forever Resorts' American Heroes Discount

Veterans receive a $200 discount off of their houseboat rental and/or a 10% discount off powerboats, personal watercraft, and other small boats.

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Forever Resorts' American Heroes Discount

To obtain this discount (credit before taxes), renter must present valid documentation upon arrival and check in. (Not required to be the primary name on the invoice)

  • Any Forever Houseboat Model In The Fleet
  • Any Time!
  • No Blackout dates!
  • Thank you so very much for your service!

Cannot be combined with other specials or offers. Offer expires on December 31, 2017. All other Houseboat Rental Terms and Conditions Apply.

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