Safe Boating Videos, Links, and Safety Resources

Boating SafetyWith help from the United States Coast Guard, the Safe Boating Campaign, and even the American Redcross, we are able to provide you with a few additional links to boating safety videos that will help complete your understanding of boating with us at Lake Mohave.

View the latest rental boat safety videos and information from the United States Coast Guard at:

The site features rental boat safety videos, printable safety checklists, and links to other boating safety sites.

There are also specific sections on Houseboats,
Ski Boats, Runabouts, Pontoon/Deck Boats,
Tiller Steered Boats, Wheel Steered Boats and more.

You can learn more about life jacket safety at Wear It! along with more boating safety information at:

The site features several other videos, information, and links to safety information.

There is also a special section for kids called the Safe Boating Kidsite with topics such as Go Boating, Go Fishing, Go Paddling, Be Safe, Be a Leader, and Boating Fun!

Wear It

Visit our other partnering websites and get prepared for a safe and fun time on the water this season:

The American Red Cross

The US Coast Guard Boating Safety Division

The National Safe Boating Council
Do your part, be Water smart!"


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